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Data Recovery Services
Flickertronics offers data recovery services at our St. Augustine, Florida retail facility. Many data recovery jobs are from system crashes due to hardware failure or human failure. Data recovery at our St Augustine, Florida depot repair facility can result in cost saving of hundreds or thousands of dollars.

+1 (904) 825-6708
+1 (800) 899-5350

Should we be unable to recover your lost data at our St Augustine, Florida facility, Our staff will gather the preliminary information and details for your data recovery incident.


We will then contact our partner, Ontrack Data Recovery, and brief your data recovery engineer and staff on the details of your particular data loss incident who will call you immediately or at a time of your choosing.

Flickertronics Concierge Data Recovery Service, available at no cost to you, facilitates your data recovery case by using our partner resources to provide your Ontrack Data Recovery Expert a concise, technical description of the problem, the types of data and the level  of recovery that may be required.

You will then be contacted immediately, or at a time of your choosing, by an Ontrack Data Recovery Expert who has been apprised of the technical details of your particular problem and then takes over your Data Recovery case from there.

Fire Damaged Hard Drive

Successfully Recovered

After our staff has you gather the proper information and we call Ontrack Data Recovery, these are their procedures:
1. Free Phone Consultation
  • Assess data loss to determine best, most cost effective solution and pricing options

  • Provide data recovery service method and service level options

  • Review pricing options including fixed, nominal evaluation fee and price range for data recovery service

  • Deliver service agreement form detailing service and pricing options

  • Next, you decide if you’d like to proceed with pre-recovery evaluation based on the consultation.

  • Upon receipt of the signed service agreement, Kroll Ontrack Engineers begin the pre-recover evaluation.

2. Pre-Recovery Evaluation
  • Analyze media and damage to determine condition of data
  • Deliver Verifile™ Online Report which allows you to view all of your recoverable files before deciding to proceed with data recovery service
  • Report delivered in as little as 6 hours and typically within 24-48 hours depending on service level selected
  • Provide guaranteed fixed price for data recovery service along with recovery service agreement form
  • The consultation and evaluation process enables you to make informed decisions about your data recovery needs.
3.  Data Recovery Service
  • Recovery of your data begins upon receipt of the signed service agreement form

  • Engineers perform repairs and recovery of data using over 120 proprietary tools

  • Using Ontrack Online™ you can track progress, status and ongoing details of your recovery service in real-time

4. Post-Recovery Support
  • Deliver recovered data on media of choice (external hard drive, CD, DVD, tape, etc.)

  • Return recovered data within time requested based on method and service level selected by you

  • Provide simple instructions on how to access and re-install recovered data World-class customer service and technical support staff available for assistance

Call for (800) 899-5350 for  FREE Data Recovery Quote

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